Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some Ghost Stories and Legends

I did not write these stories, most of them are peoples actual accounts. 

Spooky Staten Island Monastery I don't live in Staten Island, but I went there one time with my friends. People told me about an old abandoned monastery about 15 minutes away from the bridge. I live in Bayonne about 5 minutes from there. The story about the monastery goes like this: About sixty years ago a bunch of monks lived there in solitude and silence. But there was one monk that went crazy and went on a killing spree, massacring all the other monks and dragging their bodies down to a secret sublevel (the monks slept in sublevels underground, people say they go down 30 floors) and mutilated their bodies. People say if you want to see the monksghosts you have to go down to the last sublevel at night. So we wanted something to do on a summer night like any normal teenagers, but this night change our lives forever.
We went down the road to the monastery and went around it exploring the outside, too scared to go in just yet. There was a lot of Satanic signs and gang graffiti. Finally we got the balls to go in, but it was so dark inside that if we shut our lights off we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. The building consists of three floors, two wings and whatever is below. We went upstairs first. It was dark and creepy but there had to be at least thirty rooms on each floor. We saw that the roof had caved in and there were holes in the floor that dropped down two floors. There were also bloody animals wrapped in cloth hung from the ceiling. It was creepy. We were all scared and really didn't want to go on, but every now and then we heard the sounds of chains dragging and a banging and the opening of a door behind us. No one was saying anything, but I knew I wasn't the only one that heard it.
Next we found stairs going down, so we proceeded that way. There was a kid with us that kept pushing us to go on further. He was leading us, so we followed him down three flights of stairs to the sublevels. The stairs were wooden and shaky as we were walking down. At about the third sublevel we found the monks quarters. They were very small and cramped. The strange thing about the rooms was the walls had all scratch marks down them that looked like fingernails were imbedded in them.
Then we came to a room blocked by wood. Behind the door were small stairs that looked like they went on forever. We followed the stairs down about ten floors, and they were really starting to shake now. We entered a room where there were what look like jail cells. It was getting a little too scary so we left. 

Tottenville When I was a teenager, we used to drive out to Page Avenue in Tottenville, park on Hylan Blvd. and walk into the woods to see a ghost of a boy (in old fashioned clothes) standing against a tree. I only went once and got the chills when I saw the apparition. I don't know the history behind it but the ghost is standing against a tree with his hands in his pockets with a devious little smirk on his face. CREEPY!!!

Conference House When I was a teenager we used to hang out at the conference house alot.... The weird things don't happen at the House itself ...they happen in the woods and grounds around it. We would always hang out on the Cliffs it's on the left side of the conference house... It's old Indian Trails. There is also 2 hidden wells in the woods there where it is said that bodies were found at the bottom when they dried up. I had one experience there that freaked me out....One night about 1 A.M. 3 of us were walking down the cliffs to the grass that goes up to Hylan Blvd. We usually always checked before we came down because cops would sometimes be there ...So we saw that there were no cops and we came down to the lawn. Just as we did my friend pointed out asking what is that when we looked it looked like a Priest hovering about a foot off the ground, not looking at us at all he just started to move toward an old tree That is still there in the front of the house.Well we didn't stick around to check it out we ran like hell. We also have found Pentagrams , animal sacrifice's and other weird things in those woods surrounding the conference house....Check out the surrounding parts , not the actual House It's not haunted.  

Wolfes Pond Park In Wolfe's park on Staten island...2 of my friends and I were hanging out late night near the entrance of the park on Cornelia st. or pl., anyway, we saw headlights coming around the curved road, and were convinced that it was a patrol car, but the lights faded away as quickly as they appeared. no car was seen, just headlights,? two headlights, parallel to each other. I'm not a big ghost believer,         
but that was definitely not a reflection of anything or an illusion. all three of us saw the same thing, and discussed potential, logical, solutions. no reasonable conclusion was drawn. spooookkyyy!!! will try to get a pic one night..- Sofia
(* i have read about a legend about 2 teenagers driving off a cliff over there and both dying, though i have not been able to find direct evidence of this yet )

Wolfe's Pond Park - In Wolfes pond park in prince's bay Staten island, if you enter the park through a path next to the prince's bay train station and follow the paths down you will come across a small 20 ft. cliff. At the bottom is a large pond. If you stand on the banks of the pond on a spot that has an upside down car in the water. At that spot in the 1970's a car with two teenagers inside mistakenly drove off that 20 ft drop and overturned. Their bodies were not found for two weeks. You are known to experience cold sensations or visions of a phantom car rolling and overturning in the lake. 

Clay Pit Ponds park About 50-75 yards east of the ranger station. there's a swampy area, next to a dry basin separated by a dirt path lined by trees. I've had two separate encounters there with two separate people. both times after the leaves have fallen, you can hear something walking in the cadence that a human would walk in. It's walked within 5 yards of me, with no obscurin brush between myself and the sound of the footsteps. In broad daylight both times. Did not give a malevolent impression, but did not attempt to communicate with myself or my company. I would like to investigate this further.
There is also a circle of small trees, a perfect 10ft circle about 75 yards west of veterans highway. I got really weird impressions from there, it was almost as if i was drawn there. 

Resident account ok, well I have always experienced a lot of paranormal activity throughout my life but haven't ever experienced any in my mother's new residence. It is an older house, and I was helping to do some painting and drywalling yesterday so I spent the night. I noticed around 8-9 p.m. a weird key appeared on the center of the dining room table, a very old small key. I put the key in my pants pocket and relaxed for a while, when I had changed for bed, I left the key in my pocket. I was awakened around 3:30 a.m. by a very strange wheezing noise in the dining room ( i was spending the night in the living room, right next door. ) I got up to check out the noise and was perplexed to find the key laying once again in the middle of the dining room table, I checked my pants pockets to see if it was another key, but no the key was missing from the pockets. I decided to relax and check it out in the morning, as I laid down next to my fiancee I saw what I can only make to be a mans face on the side of her body. I blinked and the face vanished. This morning I woke up and got the key from the dining room and went up to the attic because my mother told me there was an old trunk up there. I used the key on the trunks lock and presto it opened. The trunk was filled with old pictures and from the writing on the pictures I realized they were of my mothers landlord and his brother. I did some research on the brother because my mother had told me he was dead. I learned to find out that he was actually murdered. He was attacked at the beach at the end of our dead end block, by skinheads, who claimed he was homosexual. After they beat him they dragged him down the block to his doorstep (my mothers house) and left him for dead, according to the articles he didn't die quickly either, but there was no one to call police, at the time of the article this was the only house on the block, aside from a knights of columbus building. I brought the trunk next door to where the landlord runs a stained glass shop. He was actually walking towards our house, and was so freaked out because he said he was just coming to ask if I could bring him down the trunk. I handed him the key and he started to panic. He asked where I had gotten that key and began to hyperventilate. He explained that he had a key, which he pulled out of his pocket, continued to explain that the other was buried with his brother, because the trunk was sentimental to them both.

* i found this next story on a website, i have looked and looked and looked all over for some kind of evidence about it and can not find anything else about it. The story itself is creepy and that's why I am posting it.

THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON LOUIS STREET this is a true story! anyone ever hear of the haunted house on louis street?was supposedly featured on eyewitness news back in the early 70's!was claimed to be the most haunted house in america!the story goes something like this...(i am making up dates and names because i dont know the actual date or the hotel and room #)a newlywed couple bought the house and lived in it for some time.then one day the husband goes into manhattan and checks himself into the waldorf?hotel,room123?on nov.1st?and hangs himself.the house remained vacant for a while then another couple bought it,moved in ,and on the exact same date,the husband went into manhattan ,checked himself into the same hotel ,same room and hung himself!again the house remained vacant for a while.then the house was bought by a couple with a daughter.on the exact same date as the previous suicides the husband hung himself in the house and was discovered by the daughter.her name was julie and she became well known to residents in the silver lake,tompkinsville area.we all knew her as ...julie boolie!!!she was a very strange girl and it was said she lost her mind when she saw her father hanging.well when i was about 7or8 years old we had a snow day from school.i went to our lady of good council right around the block from julie's house.being off from school that day i decided to go sleigh riding and went to hero park.being so young silver lake was too much for me i guess.well while i was sleighing a girl(julie boolie)befriended me and we spent a good part of the morning sleigh riding together.there used to be an underground room in the woods off of hero park with a trapdoor in it.i think that hippies used to use it as a place to get high or whatever.we kids used to think it was cool to have a secret room in the woods.well,julie kept asking me to go to the room with her to explore but i wanted to keep sleighriding.after a few hours another boy our age showed up and the three of us had fun for a while sledding.well after several hours i was getting cold and hungry so i said i was going to go home and julie asked the other boy if he wanted to go into the woods with him.he said yes.i never knew this but after i left they went into the woods to the underground room and supposedly julie tied this boy to a tree and carved him up with a broken bottle!!!they say she was insane (we all were told she was possesed by the evil that was in her house)and was sent to an insane asylum!fast forward about 10 years and julie was a fixture in the area again.she used to carry a radio and would listen to the bay city rollers all the time.she would wear jeans with the legs near the bottom with plaid on them like the bay city rollers!everyone allways said she was nuts.the last time i ever saw julie boolie was when john lennon was shot ,she was on the news in front of the dakota with all the fans and her little radio playing john lennon music!...does anyone know this story or has this house ever been known? Anyone who grew up in the area of victory blvd and good counsel knew about the house and julie but i cant find any other info on it! can anyone who knows more please tell's been nagging me for years.i was allmost julie boolies victim!!!THE HAUNTED HOUSE ON LOUIS STREET!!!!!!

           There are so many stories and legends all over Staten Island. Known places like the ones listed and unknown personal experiences that we have not heard. I believe a lot of the reason for this is because of the Revolutionary War, its believed that that left behind a lot of lost souls. I want to go on and on about all the things i have fond but instead i am going to do them individually so i can do as much research as I can.  

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Explosion Of The Westfield II Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry has seen it's fair share of disaster. The first time I remember was in 2003, the driver crashed into the dock at the St. George terminal. The driver of the boat plead guilty to manslaughter, word has it not only was he high but he wasn't properly trained on safety regulations. This deadly crash killed 11 people and injured 70.

The next crash was in 2010, this one was far less of a disaster then the one in 2003. No one was killed and about 37 people where hurt with only 1 serious injury. This was also the same boat, the Andrew Barberi, that was involved in the 2003 crash. This time the crash was due to a mechanical failure, the brakes went out as the boat approached the pier.

But my story is about 1871 so ill just get on with it. On July 30th, 1871 a speical boat was added to the tranist line to help deal with the mass of people traveling on Sunday afternoon. This boat was called the Westfield II. The boat wasn't normally apart of the SIT operations, but on this day was being used by it. The boat had about 400 people abored, and departed out of the City between 1 and 2 o'clock. In between this time one of the boilers under the front deck exploded causing an unspeakable amount of horrified screams and cries among passengers and people along the shore line. The explosion was so forceful The New York Times wrote about it as such: "The boiler exploded with terrific power, the whole end of the boat on which the people were gathered was torn to tatters; fragments went upward and outward. But that mass of humanity! Who can picture! Who dare to even think of it! Lifted into the air, hurled into the water, buried in the debris of the wreck, bruised mangled, scalded, roasted, men, women, children, babes, were mingled in a mass of indescribable horror." The New York Times called the Westfield "The Vessel of Death"
As it was first estimated that there were 40 deaths, but after all the passengers where accounted for it was about 125, with many more injured. This is the worst disaster in the ferry boat history since its opening in 1817. The boat was torn to shreds and there was debris floating in the waters near by. Even people who weren't on the boat where scolded and burnt.

this is a wood carving of bodies being discovered.
Following the disaster Jacob Vanderbilt, the president of the Staten Island Railway at the time, was arrested and brought up on charges for murder. There was much gossip about the man who engineered and designed the boat, for he was a colored man who wasn't really qualified as an engineer and who couldn't read, that didn't sit well with a lot of people at the time. Jacob Vanderbilt defended his employee who he had working for him for 16 years. Vanderbilt managed to escape the murder charges. The cause of the explosion is still unknown, though its thought to have something to do with a lose plate under the boiler that could have gave way. The ferry had been inspected as was deemed safe and usable for the public. The inspector said that there was nothing that seemed to be alarming at the time of the inspection. He also said that he cleared the use of 25 pounds of steam to be used, the most to be used under the legal amount. But the ferry’s superintendent, James Braisted said that the practice of  “carrying steam above the pressure allowed by the Inspector’s certificate was not uncommon” and that he “frequently had to reprimand his engineers for carrying steam in excess of that allowed by law.”

The Times ran a story about the survivors and their accounts of what happened here are a few.

Mrs. Abbie Cowan Phillips, was sitting with her husband, two infant children and paternal grandparents in a closed proximity of the ferry at the time the explosion occurred. Speaking through her son, Mrs. Phillips recollected the event:
"Mr. Phillips said that his mother still recalls the horror of the scenes as the boat went down, but clearest of all are recollections of the part her ofnw family played in the tragedy. The two tiny children and the grandparents were lost. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips were taken to the same hospital, but occupied different rooms. The wife was badly burned, and underwent what was then one of the pioneer skin-grafting operations. Mrs. Phillips had been told that her husband survived, but believed the doctors were deceiving her. As a matter of fact, her husband had been blinded, but this the hospital authorities feared to inform her. As Mrs. Phillips was recovering she was allowed to wander from ward to ward. One day as she walked about she was gladden by the sound of her husband’s voice, calling to a nurse for some attention. She rushed to him. Mr. Phillips threw his arms about her, and, in the shock and excitement of the reunion, suddenly regained his sight.
Thought for a time the doctors had abandoned hope, Mr. Phillips lived twenty years after the accident."

 Another eyewitness said:

"the forward part of the boat was lifted fifty feet in the air, the smoke stack fell, and everything was buried in the hold. Many persons were blown overboard. A father and a mother had their children blown from their arms. The water in an instant was alive with men, women, and children struggling for life. A number of persons, it is not known how many, were drowned. The debris in the fore part of the hold was first removed. The cries of the poor half boiled victims were heartrending. Stimulants were given them as they struggled beneath the beams, and oil was poured upon their burns. As fast as the wounded were recovered they were borne to the deck of another ferry boat moored alongside, where they were tenderly cared for. As fast as it could be done, they were removed to the various hospitals of the city."

 The engineer of the boat said:

"I have been employed by the Company for 16 years; I was in the fire-room five minutes before the explosion; asked the fireman, PATRICK FINNEGAN, about the water, and he said it was 'all right'; went to the boiler myself, and found the water above the third cock; went up through the engine room and noticed that the gauge indicated 27 pounds of pressure of steam; then I went on deck; in two minutes I came back, and just as I was going down the stairs to the engine room the explosion took place; I cannot say what caused the explosion; the boiler had a patch on the part where the break was; I examined it three days ago and found it in good condition."

 (* the Westfield II was named after the USS Westfield, this boat was sent out to war. I will do a post on this boat at another date)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Riots and Burning of Marine Hospital

In the early to mid 1800's immigration was at an all time high in New York City. Most of them where carrying infections diseases, and they were all being directed to Staten Island's New York Marine Hospital, a quarantine that sat on Bay St. in Tompkinsville. Like Sea View this hospital was made of more then one building. Each of the buildings housed its own patients with a certain disease. The different diseases ranged from typhus, typhoid, cholera, smallpox, and most terrifyingly, yellow fever. Even the sailors that guided the ships into the harbor had to be quarantined, even if they didn't show symptoms of any sickness.
 As you could imagine this angered a lot of local Staten Islanders. They feared for the borough because at the time Staten Island was a place where mostly the rich lived. With its beautiful houses and prominent oyster farming many feared these diseased immigrates would ruin what they where so proudly building up.

The baggage that the hospital had brought on to Staten Island was devastating. For the half of century the hospital operated, it brought fatal consequence to the outside community repeatedly. An outbreak of yellow fever on the island had started to alarm its residents. So they took action themselves. On September 1st, 1858 a group of Staten Islanders met and discussed what kind of actions they should take in the removal of the hospital. Up until then no one had listened to them about their worries and understandably so they where concerned and angry. They decided on a plan of action like no other, they would burn the place to the ground and take the lives of every last infected nuisance in the damned hospital.

The mob was well organized and made no attempt to disguise themselves. At 9:00 pm on the same day as a celebration was going on across the water in Manhattan for the laying of the Atlantic Cable, the mob stormed the Marine Hospital. They knocked down the cemetery wall and flowed in, the first building they invaded was known as the small pox shanties. They set it on fire in such little time there was no time to react, by the time the building was well on its way to ashes the riot had moved to another building. This building was empty at the time due to renovations it was undergoing. The staff did everything they could, saving the lives of some and putting them on the lawn of the only building that would survive the ordeal. The police on the other hand did nothing but encourage the mob, some of them even assisted. A Doctor arrested some of the cops and locked them in the Woman's Ward. This was only for a short time because some of the mob and a few other police men freed the men. The fire fighters arrived with their truck, but told the doctor there was little they could do to put out the fire because the hose had been cut. Due to sweeping winds from the water the fire grew consuming 7 of the main buildings and several out houses and a coal house that was filled with 600 tons of coal. The mob ran after doctors and servants, they threw valuable documents and new findings as well as developments on the sicknesses in to the flames.They took storm of   Dr. Thompson's private house and chased him, while some enjoyed themselves with his stash of liquor and champagne. Dr. Thompson's house was burned down in less then two hours with his papers and manuscripts blowing around the grounds.

People all over the island where rejoicing, there was nothing left of the hospital except for one standing building known today as Bayley Seton. The only sight to see was smoke and patients laid out on the lawn covered in blankets, some alive, some dead. The mob was made up of some of the most respected and well known men in the Stapleton area including a Justice of Peace. The next day, a meeting was called, it stated as followed: "A meeting of the people of Richmond County will be held at Nautilus Hall, Thompkinsville this evening September the 2nd at 7 1/2 o'clock, for the purpose of making arrangements to celebrate the burning of the Shanties and hospitals on the quarantine grounds last evening, and to transact such other business as may come before the meeting." 

I don't agree with violence, but at this time I am not sure i can blame these people, they may very well have saved us from ruins early on. It is very possible that Staten Island could have become an island of hospitals, this was not the only quarantine station on the island, but that will come later.

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Old Staten Island Pt II

Hillside ave, Great Kills
I wonder why the post card says L.I?
An old street sign
West Brighton
I know its blurry but what do you expect lol
Does anyone know where this is? It said Prince's Bay, but i have never seen this house.

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Ichabod Crane

Everyone knows The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and the famous character Ichabod Crane as well as the headless horse man, but Ichabod Crane was actually based on a real person, and hes buried on Staten Island, in Bulls Head.

The writer of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Washington Irving created the well known school teacher that moved to Sleepy Hollow from a friend or rather an acquaintance that he knew. He wrote this story and also Rip Van Winkle to give America some of their own legends to tell. At this time America had only stories of Indians to talk about while Europe had the Brothers Grimm. So Irving created some American folk lore so to speak.

Irving and Crane met in Sackets Harbor, New York during the War of 1812, meeting him actually in 1814. The book was published in 1820 and Ichabod was horrified. He and Irving had only known each other briefly while Crane was a caption in the war. In fact they had only met twice but Irving liked the way his name sounded. Though the name is the same the characteristics are based on someone else.

Ichabod Crane died on October 5th 1857 in Staten Island. His tomb stone was in bad shape and had been hit up by spray paint, it has since been replaced.

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Lina Morgana - Far Away [Official HQ Music Video]

Lina Morgana - That American Girl

Three years ago, these two young women working together under the guidance of producer Rob Fusari. And then, their paths have separated, and their destinies, opposite. Because at the beginning of October 2008, Lina Morgana, aged 19, committed suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of a building

Lina Morgana
Lina Morgana was a very talented beautiful young women. She was just about to be signed to a major record label and release her C.D. So what could have happened to a young girl filled with promise to make her want to end her life? When Yana, her mother 1st came forward she was pointing the finger at Lady Gaga saying that she stole her daughters look. This is very much true in my opinion, though I do not believe that EVERYTHING she does comes from Lina I just think that she took a few things she thought would make her famous, after all Lina is no longer around to object. Everyone thinks that Lady Gaga killed Lina, but she didn't. She sure as hell shows no acknowledgment to Lina or any kind of thanks but she is not her killer. The story runs deeper then that. In Linas music she talks or sings actually, of being abused. For example pretty much every song she has out that we are able to hear is about being sad and used, and being lost in prescriptions for depression. She was upset on October 4th, 2008, she was upset and called one of her friends to tell him about how she wanted to kill herself, and that her boyfriend was abusive and she couldn't take it any more. So she met up with her friend who took her out to get some food and calmed her down a little. That night she had to perform at a charity event, so she had to collect herself. Instead after she got dropped off at her home in Aspen Knolls, Staten Island, she made her way down Richmond Ave to where The Staten Island Hotel sits. Somehow, and it really is unsure how, but she got up onto the roof. 10 stories up she calls him, her boyfriends and as I can imagine she told him what was about to happen to her, as some witnesses say it "appeared" she was exercising or dancing frantically on the roof before just jumping off the front. Her boyfriend i assure you is living with this guilt day to day, but he will never talk. The hotel was undergoing renovations at the time, so when Lina jumped she actually hit off the scaffolding and that broke her fall so when she hit the ground she was still alive. She was in fact alive all the way to the hospital, she was alive knowing what happened and where she was going, but she was pronounced dead at Richmond Hospital. Cops found a car in the parking lot with Illinois plates on it. And her myspace did say she moved here from Kentucky. 

the 1st story I did on Lina- The story goes that the two where introduced with hopes of collaborating and making it big together. Lady Gaga was supposed to be the song writer while Lina was to be the singer. They recorded a few songs together, but Lina was the main focus at the time. Today, October 4th marks the 2 year anniversary of her death. It is said that she commuted suicide by jumping off the top of the Staten Island Hotel on the morning of. The eerie thing is I can find pretty much NOTHING online about her death. The only thing i could pull up was the article in the Advance about the ordeal, but at the time she wasn't even identified yet. There is nothing even updating the post in the Advance confirming that it was in fact Lina, all the other post have to do with the recent uproar. 

Its all very weird .. why would a beautiful young 19 year old, who had worked hard for half her life to pursue a dream, commit suicide? And further more, why would Lady Gaga become Lady Gaga in only 2 months after? I mean the two were friends, or is the industry that cut throat. Don't get me wrong I love Gaga, but after watching Lina and hearing her songs, I like her as well. I can't help but wonder though what really happened, or if it really is as dry cut as suicide. She really was beautiful, a friend of mine who's husband is a Paramedic saw her being brought in to the hospital by stretcher, he said that she was so beautiful that people where actually staring at her while she passed even though she was already deceased. I honestly can't blame her mother for the recent accusations, the women was a single mother and that was he only daughter. They came here from Russia when Lina was younger for a better life. My prayers go out to her mother, that is a pain i could never imagine, or endure. 

Update: I took this from

A Message from Lina's Aunt:Dear friends, whenever you are in the world!

Please allow me first to thank you for the attention you are giving to our girl Lina. I am her aunt writing now from the family name. We appreciate deeply your admiration of Lina as an artist. We are thankful for your concerns, your expressed empathy. We understand your questionings and your assumptions of the cause of her death, because her family has kept silence for so long. Please try to understand Lina's mother who is still struggling with grief.  The shock of losing her daughter shut her down. I can tell you one thing right now: we, Lina's family, do not believe that she had an intention to die. We, as a family, do not believe that Lina committed suicide.

Two years ago Lina was at the start of her career. She was full of plans for the future. She was three weeks away from participating in the Miss New York beauty pageant. Her CD of songs was ready to be released. Now it is on hold. Lina's mom Yana wants only ONE thing -- for Lina's songs to be released... for Lina's voice to be spread, for her gift to be shared with the world. Isn't it fair to ask for the girl's dream to finally come true?

What is your opinion about Lina's songs to be released? We would really appreciate your feedback.

Tatyana, Lina's aunt.

UPDATED 1/13/2011
I found this on a website this was taken from her myspace. Remember these?

* 10 Random Things About Me *

1. My name is Lina Morgana.

2. I'm 19

3. I moved to NYC from Kentucky --- yee-haw!

4. I'm presently not signed. Major labels have been courting me, but my gut is to wait for the right deal. I don't want to jump into bed with a stranger and in the morning roll over & say “what was I thinking?” But I am signed to a publishing deal with Sony Publishing which I’m happy about, I think?!

5. My music can be heard on realty shows on MTV & VH1; even the Oxygen station; if you know that network… it’s a chick channel…. Also, you might hear me in-store at Urban Outfitters and some other shoppes in Soho, East Village…Even out in England & Sweden in some of their designer boutiques and shoppes.

6. Right now I'm listening to Filthy Youth

7. I'm obsessed with You Tube!

8. I collect stray dogs & cats.

9. My favorite movie is Donny Darko

10. I'm flattered by all the date requests & marriage proposals but I'm focusing on my music career right now. (You're all so sweet!!)


                                   American Girl Lyrics.

Every year it's the same thing, hates all the teachers
Juvenile delinquent smoking weed on the bleachers
Her boyfriend's a stalker, he get's off on torture
But if she ever left him he'd be forced to not not no, wait
What's the recipe, hate induced
Got a grudge living slut smudge way too cute
Black eyeliner, lipliner, combat boots
Middle finger up to the world
(that American girl)
Love sick, hot chick Long lost innocent
Stuck in the middle of beautiful average Teenage parenting
Big dreams, navel rings Love that American Girl Latin American
Afro American Chinese You and Me We're all American girls I'm your American girl 
Rage against the system, prescription drug victim
Punk Rock and flower blossoms, dealing with depression
Ran away took the train track, month's supply of prozac
Her lover didn't love her at all
The sound of silence, drowning out the silence
Cheap booze and cigarettes, the best ????
Tattoos paint the picture, a rebel saved the lecture
Your daughter is a rollingstone, American girl to the wall

All she ever really wanted was..
for Someone to love her someone she could love
but instead she got some perv in tie and shirt
breathing heavy on the phone from work, you jerk
All she ever wanted to be
was the whip cream on top of the American Dream
but instead she's not, the tears are the truth and it hurts
and what's worse, she's only happy in spurts

Lina Morgana .. an Angel