Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supporting Local Stores on SI

Staten Island used to thrive off them. It was all that our island used to be made up of. Why bother bringing in big wig companies, when the city was full of them and just a boat ride away? I am talking about local stores, mom and pop shops, family businesses and the like. We are always complaining about how the richer get richer, but what do we really do? Nothing we do not do anything but keep feeding them our money. My Aunt and her sister have a store on Castleton Avenue called Town & Country Gifts. They are kind of like the American Pickers, they go around and find things that they like or think that others would like and they resell them, in their store but also on ebay. Well they are in the running for a grant from Chase bank that will give them a $250,000 check to help out their store and to expand their business. They need about 200 or so more votes to get Chase to just consider and look at their store. In this post I will provide links to their Facebooks and Ebay, as well as the link to vote. I dont need to pressure you to do it, simply look at the items they have and judge for yourself. You wont be disappointed! VOTE VOTE VOTE! < click to vote.

Just connect with your facebook account and type in Town & Country Gifts but just remember to use & and not and.

Town & Country Gifts
1213 Castleton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

Lorrians Fav Finds on EBAY 

Lorrains Fav Finds on FB 

 If you and your family have a business here on the Island I would be more then happy to add any links or info/description as well as photos here on my blog. I think i may just compile a list of local businesses and do a post about them, so if you would like to be in it just let me know. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haunted Cloves Lake Park

Last year I did a post about local haunts and legends on the island. It was pretty easy to compile a couple of stories and put them all on one page. I went to many different sites and found stories about Seaveiw, Wolfs Pond Park, Tottenville as a whole town, and I even found a site who talked about their group of friends traveling down from New Jersey to the Monastery, and what they experienced. All of this was very interesting to me, I was never fully aware of all the places legends creep into. As I was growing up my group of friends where pretty confined to a couple of areas and never really went exploring, unless we planned a trip to Seaveiw, which, by the way, I refused to go into at night. Well on this post a friend of mine on facebook left a comment about an experience that he and his friends saw with their own eyes. It took place in Cloves Lake Park. I have done some research and really I cant find anything about it. Looks like I am going to go to my next resource, the library. I'll see if I can find anything in the old newspapers, but I cant be sure. If anyone reading this story has any info on it or has witnessed close to if not the same thing please let me know! I will add your story to this post!

  • Chris Pedota
    • this story is about the ghost of clove lakes. 1 night, sometime between late july and mid august of 2003 i believe,. my cousin, a friend and myself were sitting on the concrete bridge that goes over the stream closest to forest ave and clove road. while we were sitting on the bridge, and the sun had just fully set
      were we joking back and forth while smoking cigarettes when suddenly a cool breeze rushed passed us, we turned our heads toward the direction the wind came from. all 3 of us noticed as a woman in a white old historic style dress, possibly b4 the 1900s. she appeared to be walking from behind a bush and took a few steps toward us, just after her 3rd step, a man, dressed in a black suit of the same time era, with a top hat. (kinda like jack the rippers) appeared behind her. immediately following his appearance was a loud ear piercing blood curdling scream, and the 3 of us proceeded to watch as the man grabbed her and slit her throat, but just as the knife cut across the neck fully, they disappeared. no need to lie when i say my cousin, friend and i did the same thing.. we ran as quick as possible out of the park...
One of the bridges in the park, perhaps someone was killed here?

And then here is the original story Chris left on the blog as a comment 

i remember a time a few years ago when my cousin, a friend and i went to clove lakes park. forest ave side. and in the middle of the park is a concrete and block bridge at the base of the giant pond. it was around 9pmish, so it was dark. we were just talking and smoking cigarettes when out of nowhere we all heard this loud, highpitched scream. we all turn out head toward one end of the bridge and we see a woman dressed in all white. her dress look like it was made in the early 1900s if not late 1800s.. she inches towards us and twice she disappeared and reappeared each time getting at least 2 feet closer. then that last time she reappeared a man appeared with her dress in a black suit and hat from same timeframe, he grabs her from behind and cuts her throat. as he finishes cutting they both disappear completely. the 3 of us must of stood there for a good 10 solid seconds before we looked back at eachother, screamed and ran.. ive looked all over the internet to try to find a back story on this woman and man but have gotten nowhere

I dont know, what do you think about this? Have you ever encountered something like this in this park? Or anywhere else? Comment or inbox me!