Thursday, June 21, 2012

Supporting Local Stores on SI

Staten Island used to thrive off them. It was all that our island used to be made up of. Why bother bringing in big wig companies, when the city was full of them and just a boat ride away? I am talking about local stores, mom and pop shops, family businesses and the like. We are always complaining about how the richer get richer, but what do we really do? Nothing we do not do anything but keep feeding them our money. My Aunt and her sister have a store on Castleton Avenue called Town & Country Gifts. They are kind of like the American Pickers, they go around and find things that they like or think that others would like and they resell them, in their store but also on ebay. Well they are in the running for a grant from Chase bank that will give them a $250,000 check to help out their store and to expand their business. They need about 200 or so more votes to get Chase to just consider and look at their store. In this post I will provide links to their Facebooks and Ebay, as well as the link to vote. I dont need to pressure you to do it, simply look at the items they have and judge for yourself. You wont be disappointed! VOTE VOTE VOTE! < click to vote.

Just connect with your facebook account and type in Town & Country Gifts but just remember to use & and not and.

Town & Country Gifts
1213 Castleton Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10310

Lorrians Fav Finds on EBAY 

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 If you and your family have a business here on the Island I would be more then happy to add any links or info/description as well as photos here on my blog. I think i may just compile a list of local businesses and do a post about them, so if you would like to be in it just let me know.