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Lina Morgana - That American Girl

Three years ago, these two young women working together under the guidance of producer Rob Fusari. And then, their paths have separated, and their destinies, opposite. Because at the beginning of October 2008, Lina Morgana, aged 19, committed suicide by jumping from the tenth floor of a building

Lina Morgana
Lina Morgana was a very talented beautiful young women. She was just about to be signed to a major record label and release her C.D. So what could have happened to a young girl filled with promise to make her want to end her life? When Yana, her mother 1st came forward she was pointing the finger at Lady Gaga saying that she stole her daughters look. This is very much true in my opinion, though I do not believe that EVERYTHING she does comes from Lina I just think that she took a few things she thought would make her famous, after all Lina is no longer around to object. Everyone thinks that Lady Gaga killed Lina, but she didn't. She sure as hell shows no acknowledgment to Lina or any kind of thanks but she is not her killer. The story runs deeper then that. In Linas music she talks or sings actually, of being abused. For example pretty much every song she has out that we are able to hear is about being sad and used, and being lost in prescriptions for depression. She was upset on October 4th, 2008, she was upset and called one of her friends to tell him about how she wanted to kill herself, and that her boyfriend was abusive and she couldn't take it any more. So she met up with her friend who took her out to get some food and calmed her down a little. That night she had to perform at a charity event, so she had to collect herself. Instead after she got dropped off at her home in Aspen Knolls, Staten Island, she made her way down Richmond Ave to where The Staten Island Hotel sits. Somehow, and it really is unsure how, but she got up onto the roof. 10 stories up she calls him, her boyfriends and as I can imagine she told him what was about to happen to her, as some witnesses say it "appeared" she was exercising or dancing frantically on the roof before just jumping off the front. Her boyfriend i assure you is living with this guilt day to day, but he will never talk. The hotel was undergoing renovations at the time, so when Lina jumped she actually hit off the scaffolding and that broke her fall so when she hit the ground she was still alive. She was in fact alive all the way to the hospital, she was alive knowing what happened and where she was going, but she was pronounced dead at Richmond Hospital. Cops found a car in the parking lot with Illinois plates on it. And her myspace did say she moved here from Kentucky. 

the 1st story I did on Lina- The story goes that the two where introduced with hopes of collaborating and making it big together. Lady Gaga was supposed to be the song writer while Lina was to be the singer. They recorded a few songs together, but Lina was the main focus at the time. Today, October 4th marks the 2 year anniversary of her death. It is said that she commuted suicide by jumping off the top of the Staten Island Hotel on the morning of. The eerie thing is I can find pretty much NOTHING online about her death. The only thing i could pull up was the article in the Advance about the ordeal, but at the time she wasn't even identified yet. There is nothing even updating the post in the Advance confirming that it was in fact Lina, all the other post have to do with the recent uproar. 

Its all very weird .. why would a beautiful young 19 year old, who had worked hard for half her life to pursue a dream, commit suicide? And further more, why would Lady Gaga become Lady Gaga in only 2 months after? I mean the two were friends, or is the industry that cut throat. Don't get me wrong I love Gaga, but after watching Lina and hearing her songs, I like her as well. I can't help but wonder though what really happened, or if it really is as dry cut as suicide. She really was beautiful, a friend of mine who's husband is a Paramedic saw her being brought in to the hospital by stretcher, he said that she was so beautiful that people where actually staring at her while she passed even though she was already deceased. I honestly can't blame her mother for the recent accusations, the women was a single mother and that was he only daughter. They came here from Russia when Lina was younger for a better life. My prayers go out to her mother, that is a pain i could never imagine, or endure. 

Update: I took this from

A Message from Lina's Aunt:Dear friends, whenever you are in the world!

Please allow me first to thank you for the attention you are giving to our girl Lina. I am her aunt writing now from the family name. We appreciate deeply your admiration of Lina as an artist. We are thankful for your concerns, your expressed empathy. We understand your questionings and your assumptions of the cause of her death, because her family has kept silence for so long. Please try to understand Lina's mother who is still struggling with grief.  The shock of losing her daughter shut her down. I can tell you one thing right now: we, Lina's family, do not believe that she had an intention to die. We, as a family, do not believe that Lina committed suicide.

Two years ago Lina was at the start of her career. She was full of plans for the future. She was three weeks away from participating in the Miss New York beauty pageant. Her CD of songs was ready to be released. Now it is on hold. Lina's mom Yana wants only ONE thing -- for Lina's songs to be released... for Lina's voice to be spread, for her gift to be shared with the world. Isn't it fair to ask for the girl's dream to finally come true?

What is your opinion about Lina's songs to be released? We would really appreciate your feedback.

Tatyana, Lina's aunt.

UPDATED 1/13/2011
I found this on a website this was taken from her myspace. Remember these?

* 10 Random Things About Me *

1. My name is Lina Morgana.

2. I'm 19

3. I moved to NYC from Kentucky --- yee-haw!

4. I'm presently not signed. Major labels have been courting me, but my gut is to wait for the right deal. I don't want to jump into bed with a stranger and in the morning roll over & say “what was I thinking?” But I am signed to a publishing deal with Sony Publishing which I’m happy about, I think?!

5. My music can be heard on realty shows on MTV & VH1; even the Oxygen station; if you know that network… it’s a chick channel…. Also, you might hear me in-store at Urban Outfitters and some other shoppes in Soho, East Village…Even out in England & Sweden in some of their designer boutiques and shoppes.

6. Right now I'm listening to Filthy Youth

7. I'm obsessed with You Tube!

8. I collect stray dogs & cats.

9. My favorite movie is Donny Darko

10. I'm flattered by all the date requests & marriage proposals but I'm focusing on my music career right now. (You're all so sweet!!)


                                   American Girl Lyrics.

Every year it's the same thing, hates all the teachers
Juvenile delinquent smoking weed on the bleachers
Her boyfriend's a stalker, he get's off on torture
But if she ever left him he'd be forced to not not no, wait
What's the recipe, hate induced
Got a grudge living slut smudge way too cute
Black eyeliner, lipliner, combat boots
Middle finger up to the world
(that American girl)
Love sick, hot chick Long lost innocent
Stuck in the middle of beautiful average Teenage parenting
Big dreams, navel rings Love that American Girl Latin American
Afro American Chinese You and Me We're all American girls I'm your American girl 
Rage against the system, prescription drug victim
Punk Rock and flower blossoms, dealing with depression
Ran away took the train track, month's supply of prozac
Her lover didn't love her at all
The sound of silence, drowning out the silence
Cheap booze and cigarettes, the best ????
Tattoos paint the picture, a rebel saved the lecture
Your daughter is a rollingstone, American girl to the wall

All she ever really wanted was..
for Someone to love her someone she could love
but instead she got some perv in tie and shirt
breathing heavy on the phone from work, you jerk
All she ever wanted to be
was the whip cream on top of the American Dream
but instead she's not, the tears are the truth and it hurts
and what's worse, she's only happy in spurts

Lina Morgana .. an Angel


  1. Well, here's the thing. Lina was a beautiful woman, but in this article you said Lady Gaga rose to fame two months after Lina died, which would be in December of 2008. This is not true. Lady Gaga performed at Lollapalooza in summer of 2007, where she had more or less already adopted the full Gaga persona (it wasn't as strange as it is now, of course.) There are some odd forces surrounding Lina's death but Lady Gaga did not magically appear the minute after Lina died.

  2. Just because she preformed somewhere doesnt mean anything she had a bunch of performances before hand .. she was an aspiring singer after all.. im talking making videos signing with a label music on radio type thing. and i would hardly call that a full gaga persona .. shes still brunette shes not dressed outrageous or fancy make up shes pretty much a plan jane in that performance and she knew it thats why she switched it up her first album was released in 2008 true, but have you ever seen the nothing else i can say video? thats the complete opposite of what she stands for now... and i have never seen Lina act or sing or look this way ... i gotta say its fishy. and i think it may be true about gaga being part of the Illuminati .. google it, better yet youtube it

  3. First of all: yes Gaga dyed her hair blonde, but Lina is brunette, so I don't see where you're going with that. Also keep in mind Just Dance was released in APRIL of 2008, and started getting heavy airplay in about August.

    I am VERY familiar with the subjects of Gaga and the Illuminati, etc. Yes, Gaga did take inspiration from Lina. Perhaps too much. But as for Yana Morgana's claim that Gaga has "kidnapped Lina's soul"... I don't know. Listen to any of Lina's songs, she sang about very deep, morbid things, including death. In My Angel it's almost like she's saying goodbye to the world.

    I'm also certain that Gaga IS part of the Illuminati or similar organization (the music industry itself is evil enough already). My theory is that when Lina found out the truth about the music industry, how evil and weird it was, and that Gaga was pretty much an unstoppable force, Lina couldn't take it anymore and killed herself. I wish I could have known her in real life, or even been there to stop her but... I do hope all of her music gets released soon.

  4. Also... yes, I've seen every Gaga video. Up until recently I considered myself quite the fan.

  5. ... i dont think your right i think her mother said that in the sense that gaga holds her music and in that sense she has her soul .. and to an artist that is the case their music is their soul .. a lot of people sing about darkness and such .. she was very close to her mom i cant believe that a 19 year old girl would jump off a building knowing that he mother is working in the nail salon right next to the building .. also October 4th 2008 was the date of a fund raiser she was raising money for leukemia by singing and not to mention the fact that she was in the Miss New York pageant in 3 weeks AND she was about to release her CD it is wrong for lady gaga or stefani watev to hold her music and not give lina a voice it is wrong to deny a grieving mother the only wish and thing she has left of her daughter ITS WRONG.

  6. oh also i have tickets to one of her concerts bc i was a bigg fan of hers.. i still think shes very talented dont get me wrong i like lady gaga. i jus like lina too and its not fair to her

  7. btw where i was going with the fact that she was still brown headed in that comment was bc ur saying in this performance she had already adopted the full gaga persona and obv if shes still brown she is NOT gaga yet. so there.

  8. There are a number of people who have said they knew her and that she was very depressed and that she did jump off the roof. The thing about depression is, it consumes you. If she had an argument on the phone with her friend and was feeling particularly bad that day, she could have just run up to the top and jumped. It is sad because she probably could have gotten help and therapy for that and was on the verge of having her dreams come true.

  9. i agree with you. thats what i think happened.

  10. ok are you serious?? you really think the illuminati exist? are you concious that the illuminati is a really old story and there is no proof they really exist?..and gosh let's be serious gaga wrote the music for her, she describes herself as a weird person since ALWAYS even in school, she was also very talented even before Lina showed up. The thing here is that Gaga is a victim of coincidences with Lina's life. I watched every Lina's video music and I can say gaga and Lina were not alike at all! they were totally different both talented and that's the only thing in common. But it's just normal that an artist as big as Gaga is blamed for everything, she has even been blame for stealing money from japan's charity which it's absurde becuase she was donating money for the cause. And I don't blame Gaga at all for not sepaking about what she is being acussed. Is a total offence,if I were her I won't speak either, and you know why?? Because she won't addmit she coppied from Lina Morgana beacuse SHE DIDN'T and what is most upseting is that you people who believe this whole illuminati shit and think that Gaga is part of the illuminati are just messed up for going to her concert because in theory that would help the "illuminati" to achieve wathever you think they want to achieve. However I do agree with you that I don't think either that she commited suicide, and I give you a hint the guy on facebook who calls himself his bestfriend is nothing less than her ex boyfriend. Of course he wouldn't like the things that you wrote beacuse it's talking about him and if you don't believe me look at the video of "far away" from lina and at the beginning you will see a picture from a boy that happens to be Lina's ex boyfriend the same that is saying "kind" stuff on the RIP Lina Morgana's facebook. I do think that her death involves her boyfriend a little bit I don't want to say anything because I don't know is just what I think. Death is a death and muic lost an enormous talent: Lina. Very sweet person and I terribly sorry for her and her family. But her mother blaming Gaga to stole her style is just bullshit, she didn't stole anything and she has other inspirations I'm sorry but the accusation made from Yam Morgan it's pathetic and unnecessary if Gaga wouldn't let the music from Lina be realese then not even wunderland would be in the internet. Gaga wrote for many artist not only Lina, she wrote songs for Britney Spears for example, and if Britney would commite suicide (I hope it never happens) then Gaga would be blame for copying her and trying to be the new pop princess? come on this fake, fake, fake. So just remember how wonderful was Lina and spread her voice all over the world, and stop publishing shit about Lady Gaga. Finally I sorry for my english but it's not my first language.

    1. Sir, you don't need to be writing anything--especially so long because you don't make sense. Get some schooling in writing, then try; you have good thinking, but you leave out too many words. Besides all that, you are too prejudice toward GAGA to be fair to Lima and family. So please stop. Thank you.

    2. Jan, you should probably brush up on your punctuation skills before you go slamming people for theirs. Especially when it's not their first language.

  11. Weather or not the illuminati has anything to do with this is one thing, but your foolish if you think they dont exsist at all, do some research sweetie then come back. And I already know about the bf..

  12. "Yes, Gaga did take inspiration from Lina. Perhaps too much. "

    I don't blame Gaga at all for not sepaking about what she is being acussed. Is a total offence,if I were her I won't speak either, and you know why?? Because she won't addmit she coppied from Lina Morgana beacuse SHE DIDN'T"

    Manhavok make up your mind.. she didn't copy her style or she did.. Regardless Lady Gaga is an artist.. Both her and Lina were looking to become famous. I guess as Human beings we forget there are those people that would do anything for money and anything for fame.. Anything.We will never know the truth but please, don't be so naive to think that people like Lady Gaga or any other celebrity would betray or even agree to something being scarified for their own gain of fame. I can't even recall a time Lady Gaga gave any condolences to the family or appreciation to Lina.

  13. The Illuminati is nonsense. A spooky tale to scare teenagers and lonely adults. The most pressing evidence seems to be artists forming triangles with their hands, hiding one eye, or signaling with a ram horn gesture of their fingers. (The same gesture which means "I Love You" in sign language) Despite tales of a vast conspiracy woven into many web sites, hard evidence of the Illuminati doesn't get much better; Unless of course, one wants to include artists taken out of context talking about selling their souls, backward tracks of songs which sound like gibberish when the listener hasn't been told what to hear in advance, different theories about the meaning of films and cartoons, or made up stories which have no basis in actual fact. JFK is often portrayed as being killed for fighting the Illuminati, but his membership in The Knights Of Columbus, another secret society, is overlooked, ignored, or simply not known by the colorful story tellers. As their symbols begin to bore the public, the storytellers struggle to find new ones. (The peace symbol is now on their hit list as "the broken cross." Apparently they've forgotten another generation which tried to label it "Nero's Cross." The more things change, the more they stay the same) In true scary fashion, the storytellers would have you believe any logical argument regarding their claims was the devil slyly trying to convince you he didn't exist. Yawn.. Whatever! Perhaps the devil's real scheme is to have people always living in fear of something that isn't quite there. If the Illuminati are so clever, have been around so long, and are in control of so much, they must be some of the dumbest people on earth. If they haven't managed to take over yet, chances are they never will. And if there really is some dark force brewing below the surface of life, rest assured, it wants people pointing fingers at one another and making accusations. It's the very same mentality that sent thousands of innocent people to be burned at the stakes, with evidence that was just as bad.

    1. Illuminati was an actual group of men formed in the late 17th century to rebel against the powerful Catholic church. It's real. Today the term is more of a blanket statement that refers to all Elite secret societies that control the corporations that essentially run the world. There are many of these secret societies, Skull & Bones for example. A spooky tale for teenagers and lonely adults? You're a moron MisterRightAway. M o R o N. ;)

    2. MisterRightAway, If the illuminati exists or not really doesn't matter, since Lady Gaga and her associates are the most questionable related to this death. You just have to read the lyrics of her songs to see what see believes in general (aka angel down) - it doesn't take any "interpretation", just basic reading comprehension.
      Worse though is the paparazzi music video, which released shortly after Lina's death, is clearly taunting what happened to Lina.
      Again it takes very little interpretation since it's obvious.
      I've also seen some twitter accounts, that seem to be related to Gagas inner circle, that are also taunting Lina.
      So the question is, why would any sane and non evil person be taunting the death of a previous co-worker? That wouldn't be the reaction most of us would have. Most of us would just feel bad about another person dying.

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  15. So some weird facts I've found through my research, the room of the Hotel she was staying in was room number 187. Morgana Davacelli is the name of the "alter ego" that is the cover of the Alejandro Single, on The Fame Monster. She is sporting long black locks, exactly like Lina's and is crying black tears, with a crow on her head.The Celts believed that Crow was an omen of death and conflict. She was associated with death transitions. Another belief was that the birds were faeries who shape-shifted to cause troubles. Magickal qualities included bringing knowledge, shape-shifting, eloquence, prophecy, boldness, skill, knowledge, cunning, trickery and thievery. In the Middle Ages, people believed that sorcerers and witches used the symbol of Crow’s foot to cast death spells. I would like to know more facts surrounding her death. If she got on the roof, did the alarm sound? She was dancing or exersizing alone on the hotel roof? .... hmmm A possible struggle? This has intrigued me for years now. I would love some answers.

    1. I have some info regarding this, email me

  16. The reason no one can find the Death Certificate is because Lina Morgana is not her official birth name, it was a stage name she picked for herself. In this video it shows her picking up the book and picking out the name Morgana.

  17. Lina Korogluyev is the name I found associated with her but I can't find any official death documents.

    1. Because she didn't exist

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    *Rob Fusari talking about Lina's last moments with him in 1:35 and 4:33

    So Rob was the friend she went out with to grab some food with which happened to be pizza according to him...strange meal to eat early in the morning if the news article stated she jump at 11:20am but if she was upset then it might make sense why she wanted to eat some junk food.

    Also he mentioned that a messenger from God approached them but Rob blew him off-that is very interesting.

    Was Lina's real name Lina Koroglueva and is this her ex-boyfriends (Tyler Schwab) real Twitter account?

    Do you have any insight into this Ashley?

    1. Also I found this very interesting article that other might not have seen before titled, Matter of Estate of Morgana v Staten Is. Hotel

  20. The Staten island hotel shut down, its now an assisted living home, no it wasn't Rob that she went to eat with, and I suggest you stop digging I've been in touch with the mother's lawyer, or someone claiming to be, and the mother doesn't want to hear what I had to say, lady gaga didn't kill lina ... lina killed lina you have to accept that

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    2. Are you implying that her mother believes that Lady Gaga killed Lina? If so well then she is partially correct. Lady Gaga didn't kill her, the Illuminati killed Lina "for" Lady Gaga as a blood sacrifice.

      Notice how Lina passed away on Oct.4 and Gaga coincidentally goes on her first tour Oct.9 and approximately a month later Lady Gaga's popularity blows up to immense levels with the whole world now exposed to Lady Gaga. Her album, The Fame, peaked at number two in the United States and was subsequently certified triple platinum.

      To become the wealthiest ($20 million+ club) for a higher position and royalty from the elite, you need to make a human (blood sacrifice). Once you make a blood sacrifice whether it’s your best friend or family member, it will get you higher up in the elite. Someone always gets a huge push to stardom which includes money and economic/public influence (exactly what Lady Gaga obtained-look at all her "little monster" fans and her music sales).

      In Lina's case, what you are dealing with is a very advanced, pervasive mind control mechanism which has been institutionalized in popular culture through the music and motion picture industry. The mind control mechanisms work through drugs, trauma, threats, or a combination of these. There are many victims. Lina was one of them unfortunately.

      She was either murdered outright or influenced and manipulated to do it herself. See The Runaways (mind-control) for how it's done. Linda Lovelace couldn't do it anymore and she left a promising career because she didn't want to be manipulated. It's rampant in the business-- they take a young soul and pervert it to sell their wares. If you can't take it, you're out.

      Were forces complaining to her that she was not Star material? Not good enough? Did someone play on her emotions? Did someone give her some bad medicine that night in the form of illegal drugs?

      Lina was pushed aside by fate-- or dark forces beyond her control-- and into the spotlight stepped a new starlet in the person of Lady Gaga, another troubled creature, who lost the weight and dressed in elaborate disguises thus captivating the world as Lina might have done had she lived.

      This all sounds logical if you understand the inner-workings of the music industry that been around for years now.

    3. If your interested:

      Mind control programming by the Illuminati


  21. This has been a cover-up story created by Gaga's team (Wendy Starland and Rob Fusari). She had to pay them off in court to keep quiet (there are articles online about it).

    Lina Morgana was in fact an actress (like the crisis actors they sometimes use to manufacture news) and was created to cover up that they stole the entire persona and identity from Ysan Roche. She is still copying and imitating Ysan Roche at every move and Gaga is a true psycho if realize what she does to a lesser known artist to keep them quiet and powerless.
    Ysan Roche

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  22. Here the Blog that proves how Lina Morgana was a hoax

    1. She wasn't a hoax. I posted some other evidence of her existence on in the comments of this site:

      In fact I suspect the "hoax" rummers might originate from Gaga inner circle since maybe they are nervous now that people are suspecting them.

      Also Lady Gaga shut down her public forum on her site when people started asking questions about Lina.

  23. Im sorry, but i grew up around the corner from her, I also went to the same high school, lina morgana was in fact real.

    1. Reciepts or it didn't happen. Maybe a year book photo or one of you two together?

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  26. Lina is real. I emailed her once. She was focused on her music and career and was optimistic about the future.

  27. Gaga also takes a lot of swipe files from San franciso Indie female Cactus Dawn -check it out!

  28. something is definitely off about this - but you dont just whip up an album in 2 months. it takes years.

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  30. The illuminati was a Bavarian secret society outlawed in 1830. They do not exist anymore. There were rumors that members incorporated into the Freemasons though. Lady Gaga wrote and produced Lina's music. Lina admitted she didn't play instruments or anything like that. Stop drinking the Kool Aid