Tuesday, December 27, 2011

With love, Staten Island

  Staten Island was a leading pioneer in many areas of industrial business. We had the first linoleum factory in the USA, a major brick producing company, oyster beds that were known even in England, a terracotta factory that produced, and Sea View hospital, which paved the way to cure TB. We also had a few breweries that employed hundrads of islanders and one particular was using electricity in the late 1800's as well as refridgration. 
  Procter and gamble set up a ivory soap factory here as well which operated from 1908 till 1991. This is where the name Port Ivory came from. The factory was moved to Mexico, leaving behind just this name.
    Staten Island was also the home of Alice Austin, as everyone knows, a brilliant photographer who captured turn of the century innovation throughout the city and surrounding areas. She was a no bull women who believed that a women could do everything that a man could do, only better. She was also an open lesbian in a time where same sex relationships was unheard of.
  We also house the oldest school building in America, the Voorlezer house, which is located in Richmond town. It was built around 1680.
  The Nilla Wafer was invented here as well by confectioner Gustav Mayer who was also an inventor. He owned a shop in Stapleton, but his house still stands on Richmond Rd. Perched lovely on a beautiful piece of land, on top of a hill with vibrant colors.
  Take a look through this blog and you can find pictures and stories and personal stories about most of these topics.

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