Monday, November 15, 2010

1001 Richmond Hill Rd.

The David LaTourette House
 David LaTourette House

The LaTourette house was built in or around 1836. It's considered a federal-style brick mansion. The house was used as a farm by the family up until 1910. The family then sold the house to the city in 1928, and the city turned it into a club house in 1936 to accommodate the 18-hole golf course. The club house sits on Richmond Hill rd on the 540 acre golf course that became a land mark in 1968. It wasnt until 1982 it was included in the National Register of Historic Properties. The area the LaTourette House is on was once the location of a Revolutionary War-era fort, mills and quarries. George Washington visited the site as it was prepared for the defense of Staten Island.Two battles actually took place here, at the near by St. Andrews Church.

The club house is now used for many things. There is a pro shop in there as well as a restaurant. The golf course changes in the winter time and becomes a spot for children of all ages to go sleigh riding. They also hold a winter carnival each year. There is also over 500 acres of hiking trails. If your interested in any of these activities simply call 718-351-188. 

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