Thursday, November 4, 2010

Staten Island's Bigfoot.

On December 7, 1974, Frank Piztolato and Phillip Vivolo were in the woods near Historic Richmond Town when they "saw a black, upright ‘bear’ which roared at them." A few weeks later, on the morning of January 21, 1975, a young couple "saw Bigfoot in a church car park in the early morning" and later that night, Mrs. D. Daly was "driving late at night [and] had to brake to avoid a Bigfoot under six feet tall crossing the road from a church car park and heading for the rubbish dump and the swamp behind the church."

If I told you that these three Bigfoot sightings were actually documented and published into the Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord, first published in 1982 that contained Bigfoot sightings from the 1800s to 1980, what would your first reaction be? 

You would laugh. As did I. I'll show you the so called evidence, and you can be the judge.

 "My first thought was some stupid kid was in a Halloween costume," she said. "I yelled, but this thing didn't hear me — or didn't seem to." Then, as if shrugging off a pesky child, "it just kind of loped off in the direction of the [St. Andrew's] church cemetery," Accounted Mrs. Daly. 

"I looked down from the hill and I saw this bear. ... I looked at him for about 10 seconds. I saw his snoot and the rest of his body. ... He was standing on two legs." Accounted Philip Vivolo, who at the time was 12, but is now in his 40s. This sighting caused a stir. 6 cop cars, emergency services, as well as a police helicopter searched for two hours. They turned up nothing. 

Two of these sightings happened on the same day. And the other only a few weeks before. At the time you could only imagine how underdeveloped this land was. The Green Belt is thick with trees and all kinds of plants now, so then it could have only been thicker.

A man named Tom Modern is convinced that this creature exists. He has been doing research for years here on the Island and says he has found evidence and is learning how to track them down. He says he has found things even in Great Kills Park. He says that the creature walks close to banks of water so that the water will wash away his prints or any other thing he may leave behind. But is he giving this thing to much credit? He also took the Staten Island Advance to one of the sites that hes camped at, and it was the exact location that Mrs. Daly said she saw what she believed had to have been Bigfoot. Tom said after an April snow fall that he went looking for some more evidence and he found a set of foot prints on both sides on Richmond Hill Rd in the woods, they measured 15 1/2 in long and 6 1/4 in wide on the top.

Mrs. Daly did not come forward right away, she didnt think people would take her seriously. However after seeing that the young couple saw a creature matching the same description as what she had seen on the same day as she, she did. She was driving to work and she took the same route she always did, when this thing walked in front of her car and stopped in her head lights. 

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 enjoy! ... and be careful!

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